On this page you will find a few thoughts about why I love painting and what my current painting goals are.

As a child I remember going to the library and always going to the art book section. The knowledge of some of my favorite painters, who also happen to be some of the most famous painters, has always been apart of me so that I truly cannot remember a time that I didn’t know about art. In my mind, I always knew about Claude Monet’s waterlilies, Degas’ ballerinas, Van Gogh’s flowers, Michelangelo’s ceiling, sculpture, etc. In one of the many library books that I checked out I found a delightful quote that to this day has guided my approach to painting. I’m paraphrasing but Monet said about painting “is the snow white? No, it’s blue, a little dark here, a little bright there. Do you paint a tree? No, you put a little green there on the canvas.” Now, I am completely ruining the quote with my paraphrase but that’s kind of the idea right?

An Art Experience

When I was 16 my family went on a 3 week vacation and we spent 1 entire week in Boston. There was one day that my parents and younger siblings went outside of Boston to go to some battlefield memorials. My eldest sister and I stayed in the city to go on some individual adventures. My sister got her degree in historical studies and there was some historical society type place that she wanted to visit. So after parting ways at Boston Commons she went to her place and I went where? The Boston Fine Arts Museum, of course. I rode the T there which for an Okie girl like me public transportation is a fun adventure in itself (I am sure this is endlessly annoying to you east coasters!). So I arrive to the museum. To this day, I still remember the museum clerk who, right before I was about to pay, asked me if I was a student? Yes. Oh well, it’s student day, you don’t have to pay if you can show your ID. Volia! My Boston adventure just got better because who doesn’t love free? The reason why I share all this is because this is a mini experience within this art experience that I regard and remember as magical.

The magic keeps happening. While wondering around the museum ( I went to every gallery! I read every description!) I wondered into a room with dozens and dozens of paintings just of Niagara Falls. Here’s the thing, just the week earlier we had gone to Niagara Falls so I had just seen the real deal, which is breathtaking, but these paintings, especially all together, stopped me in my tracks. Most of them were by John Singer Sargeant, I’m sure there were other artists but that was the prominent one. The only word that comes to mind when I think about wandering through that exhibit is extraordinary. And this experience is what I think about when I think about art.

Getting Practical

Over the years I have mostly painted randomly and purely for creative expression and fun. But my current goal and ambition is to develop my painting skills and build a body of work that I am proud of. If I were to describe my style is would be abstract impressionistic landscapes. Try saying that 5 times fast. My goal is not to be Claude Monet, or John Singer Sargeant, even though I admire their work. I think their work was great for their time, but my time? I think an artist’s work should reflect the time in which they live. I think painting will always be a medium of art and self expression that I practice. Read more about practicing art (painting or something else here).

Alexandria is currently working on two different painting series. 

You can read more about the Boston Museum of Fine Arts exhibit that Alexandria visited here

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