Birthday Bash X5

Birthday Bash X5

Hi fiercelings, On a personal note, my oldest daughter, Isabelle, turned 3 this past Sunday. She had a shared birthday party with her four cousins because all of them have July/August birthdays. My mommy brain is turning and processing the fact that my baby is […]

Living Natural

Living Natural

Hi Fiercelings, Over the past few years I have become really passionate about living as natural as I possibly can. You might call this being crunchy. You might call me a hippie – I would consider that a compliment! You might call me a health freak. […]

Being Brave

Hi Fiercelings, No one likes to give bad news. Unless you have something good to say you’d rather just keep your mouth shut. I have avoided blogging or writing because I don’t really have anything new or interesting to say. It’s not writer’s block, it’s […]


Florida life is beautiful. It’s December right now and yet it feels like summer. I am seriously considering going to the beach today simply because I could. This might seem silly to someone who’s lived near the beach or vacationed on a beach frequently but for […]

New Theme

Fiercelings, I was scrolling through my blog and felt super bleh about my theme and the way it looks so I looked at some new themes and volia! I hope you like the way it looks now. I hope it is a bit more user […]

The Creative Call

Back when I was in Oklahoma,  I stumbled across a book titled The Creative Call by Janice Elsheimer in the church library. I immediately fell in love with the book! It is a very practical book for artists of any kind or simply for creative people […]


Well, it has finally happened. I am living in Jacksonville, Florida! Eeeeeekkkk! I am not quite sure how my hubby and I moved so quickly but it just kind of happened. We have gone to the beach twice so far because evidently that is normal […]

Change & Create

“Day by day nothing changes but pretty soon everything is different.” ~ Bill Watterson

Baby Love

My sweetie turned 1 on August 6th =D Happy birthday to my angel. Naturally, photos are in hand (err, files?). So much baby cuteness! Fiercely, alexandria P.S. Here’s the photo from her party LOL

Happy Birthday Harry!

I would imagine that you saw something online or in your social media newsfeeds about Harry Potter’s 35th birthday. Well, in case you were wondering July 31st is Harry Potter’s birthday and he turned 35 this past year. JK Rowling shares the same birthday or […]