What To Wear For Your Photoshoot

What To Wear For Your Photoshoot

Congrats! You booked a photoshoot…now what?

Don’t worry, I got you!

The most important question of course is what should you and your loved ones wear? Which is why I have put together this little post to help you with my best tips and tricks.

My best and fiercest advice for fierce photoshoots!

1. Most importantly: Wear what makes you COMFORTABLE. This is the most important thing I tell my clients when they ask me what to wear. If you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing it will translate to photos even with the best photographer. Do yourself and your photographer a favor by wearing what makes you comfortable!

2. Wear something you can move around easily in. As a photographer, I try to give my clients lots of different shots with different settings, backgrounds, and poses. This means I will ask you to move around. Of course, I am mindful of the ladies that are wearing short dresses or skirts but I recommend that whatever you wear you can bend over and sit down easily in.

3. Colors! Generally, I request that at least 1 person in a photoshoot be wearing white of some kind – top, scarf, watch, shoes, etc. so that in post processing that can be the basis if I need to adjust the coloring. However, do not let this hold you back! A good photographer can get the coloring that makes you look the best regardless of what you are wearing and I do love for clients to wear bright colors so that the pictures we get really POP! With that said, I do think white is flattering on all skin tones and complexions. But, if your favorite color is red, blue, or green, go with the color that reflects your style.

4. Wear complimentary colors. If you are doing a photoshoot with your significant other or family I do think it is best to keep complimentary colors in mind when it comes to groups and to not be wearing anything that blatantly clashes. If sister wants to wear a tye dye t-shirt and brother wants to wear camouflage that may not be the look we want. Choose complimentary colors and colors that have the same value!

5. Seasonal. If you are taking photos in the fall chances are the style right now is neutral and warm colors. If it is the spring or summer time the current trend is probably florals and cool tones. I am all for letting your photoshoot reflect what season it is but also, what would make you happy to see in your picture frames year round? This is again why I recommend wearing white when in doubt because it works well for all seasons.

At the end of the day, your photoshoot is meant to capture you as you are so relax and have fun!

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