Lenlie Danielle Photoshoot

Lenlie Danielle Photoshoot

Hello Fiercelings,

My sister Lenlie and I had talked about doing a darker toned fall styled photoshoot. We let fall and winter go by but on a chilly spring day we finally went out to a field I had been eyeing and took a bunch of shots. The photoshoot turned out really well. We could have done a darker look if we had shot later in the day but it was cold so we didn’t want to wait much later. I think the contrast of her clothes and make-up with the field and sky is stunning. Enjoy!

45 with watermark
First up is Under Armour activewear look
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Camo pannnntsssss. Yes please!
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Hat, hair, pullover. Yes, yes, yes.

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129 lightly edited with watermark THIS ONE
I love the light peaking through the woods.
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Off to the meadow we go!
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Getting ready
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Hello gorgeous!
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The beautiful Lenlie Danielle
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How is this girl single?
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A little happy, a little thoughtful. A whole lot of fierce.
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Black lace. Yes please.
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This image was one of those unintentional moments. The wind, in our opinion, wasn’t really working. We were cold and tired after shooting for an hour but in editing I was like, “Wow!” The high fashion vibe here is so cool.
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Just a pretty girl wandering.
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Happy girl right here!
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The loveliness makes my heart happy!
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The levity in this shoot was something, that I wasn’t going for initially but I am really delighted with how it came through!

I hope you enjoyed this shoot!




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