Becky & Libby Photoshoot

Becky & Libby Photoshoot

Hello Fiercelings,

Prepare yourself for absolute adorableness! This mommy and me session that I did is all sorts of sweetness, loveliness, and of course, fierceness! Be delighted!

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I went to highschool with this fabulous woman’s oldest son. Believe it or not, her daughter, Libby, is the only girl and is like her 6th (out of 7 or 8?) children!
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The affection was tangible!
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You could definitely tell that this mom + daughter pair are close.
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The lighting was perfect.
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I seriously hope I look this fabulous after having 7 ( or was it 8?) kids!
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Walking in the meadow.
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B+W Magic.
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This gorgeous girl kept pausing the photoshoot to go explore. Well, exploring just happens to create lovely photos.
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Also, tree climbing happened.
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Their smiles though!
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They were chatting and laughing in between shots which of course just created better portraits!
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Picture perfect.
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Black and white beautifulness.

I hope you enjoyed! My goal is to be as marvelous as these two are when my daughters are older!

Stay fierce,



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