Snow Day

Snow came falling down slowly, then heavily. White to the right, white to the left, white as far as the eye can see. Today is not a day for driving. Today is a day to enjoy being inside. Take a moment to reflect on life and if you’re like me, a day to clean up my space and make it less cluttered. The older I get the more I realize I like simple and I like being organized. There’s room for levity when there aren’t messes. But to honest, I think there’s room for levity in messes too.

Since I’m feeling lighthearted and I am ready for the snow to melt here are some fantastic shots of my baby girl that I have been meaning to share.

R1-06538-0010 R1-06538-0009 R1-06538-0011 R1-06538-0008

Thoughtful Baby

R1-06538-0007 R1-06538-0006

Happy Baby

R1-06538-0005 R1-06538-0004

Fiercely light,